How to make a nappy cake

Have you been invited to a baby shower, and are you looking for a thoughtful gift to give the expectant parents? Or maybe you’re hosting a shower and want a cute nappy cake as the centrepiece on the gift table? You’ve come to the right place! Newborns can use up to 12 nappies a day, so it’s safe to say that nappies are a highly useful gift. So why not give them as a gift at a baby shower?

What is a nappy cake?

A nappy cake is a cake-shaped creation made of nappies, which is usually decorated with bows, flowers, paper cutouts and smaller gifts for the baby. The cake usually has about three tiers of rolled nappies that are wrapped in pretty ribbons, lace, tulle or jute twine.

You often give the nappy cake to the parents-to-be at their baby shower, and it’s common for the cake to match the decorations or the theme of the baby shower. It’s also popular to give the cake a modern look with flowers and greenery or shape the cake like a cute animal.



How to make a nappy cake         

Making a nappy cake is easier than you might think. All it really takes is a little bit of patience and a few suppliesmost of which you probably already have at home.


The supplies you need to make a nappy cake:

·       Nappies

·       Cardboard, tray or cake stand

·       Paper towel tube or large bottle of baby lotion as a base

·       Double-sided tape

·       Scotch tape

·       Scissors

·       Rubber bands

·       Ribbon, lace, tulle or jute twine

·       Decorations

How to make a nappy cake: 3 Simple Steps

How to make a diaper cake for the baby showerHow to make a diaper cake for the baby shower

It’s important to have a sturdy base, especially if you’ll be transporting your cake. Tape your paper towel tube or baby lotion bottle to a circular piece of cardboard, tray or cake stand. If you use cardboard, you can cover it with wrapping paper or washi tape to make the base look more put-together.

How to make a diaper cake, Baby Shower inpsiration - BabyBjörnHow to make a diaper cake, Baby Shower inpsiration - BabyBjörn

Roll up about 50 nappies and secure them with rubber bands.

Tie the nappies in a circle around the centrepiece and secure them with jute twine or lace. Continue to add one or two more layers of nappies on top.

Nappy cake decorations 

When you’ve finished rolling up the nappies and putting the cake together, it’s finally time for the fun part: decorating! There are plenty of ways to decorate a nappy cake – the only limit is your imagination. You can decorate the cake to follow the theme of the baby shower, the preferences of the parents-to-be, or the gender of the baby. Gender-neutral nappy cakes in green, beige and other soft shades are also becoming more and more popular.


How to decorate your nappy cake

Start by wrapping your ribbon, lace or tulle around the cake to hide the twine that holds the shape in place. You can also keep the twine as it is if you want a soft look inspired by nature. Continue by adding the decorations you’ve picked out, such as flowers, greenery and sweet little signs. You can also place a few small gifts on the cake, such as bibs, dribble cloths, socks, a teddy or a bouncer toy.

Our top nappy cake decorations

Nappy Cake Q&A

·       How many nappies do I need for the nappy cake?
The number of nappies you need will depend on how big or small you want your cake to be. A good rule of thumb is to use about 50–65 nappies if you’re aiming for a three-tier cake. 

·       Which nappy size should I use for a nappy cake?
We suggest using nappies in a bigger size, since they’re a little bit easier to work with when making the cake (you won’t need as many). But it’s completely up to you!

·       How do I roll the nappies for a nappy cake?
Simply roll up each nappy and secure them with a rubber band so they don’t unfold. Repeat the process until you’ve rolled up all the nappies.



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