Dreaming about a full night’s sleep? BabyBjörnDreaming about a full night’s sleep? BabyBjörn

Dreaming about a full night’s sleep?

Another sleepless night? You’re not alone. The lack of sleep that comes with having a baby is something that most parents can relate to. Hang in there – it will get better. Here you’ll find energy-saving hacks to help you cope with sleep deprivation.

Yes, you may have heard this one before, but it’s worth repeating: Try to sleep when your baby sleeps. Turn off your mobile, forget about your to-do list and try to get some much-needed rest while your baby sleeps.

Secondly, try night feeding with your eyes shut. Babies crave interaction and feeds are a perfect time to do that, so they’ll often seek eye contact. But since they have no body clock, you’ll need to help them distinguish between interactive day feeds and sleepy night feeds. So, try feeding with your eyes shut at night. Your baby will eventually mimic you, thus encouraging them (and you) to go back to sleep quicker.

And last but not least, take turns sleeping. If you have a partner, share the burden and take turns sleeping with the newborn.

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