Play to develop BabyBjörnPlay to develop BabyBjörn

Play to develop

It’s often said that play is the first language. Through play, a child develops socially, cognitively, mentally and physically. Playing together for a little while every day also strengthens the relationship between you and your little sweetheart.

A baby bouncer is designed to stimulate both play and development. They are easy to move around at home, which allows you to play spontaneously anytime and anywhere.

The bouncer’s natural rocking has a soothing effect – yet it also stimulates your child’s balance and motor skills! The realisation that they can control the movement of the bouncer plays a key role in your baby’s development.

Reaching for and eventually being able to grab a toy is also a huge milestone. That’s why it’s such a good idea to invest in a toy bar for your baby bouncer. Fun toys with exciting shapes in happy colours and oh-I-want-to-touch-this-textures spark curiosity and are something that your child immediately wants to try to reach.

Let’s invite a little more play in your everyday life – because play is serious. Seriously fun!

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