Bouncer Bliss Dark green in Woven petal quilted cotton - BabyBjörnBouncer Bliss Dark green in Woven petal quilted cotton - BabyBjörn

Ready, Set, Grow!

Baby Carrier Mini and Bouncer Bliss

We’re all about growth and development, and we want to help support your little one every step of the way. Our baby bouncers and baby carriers are specifically designed with your baby’s development in mind. Plus, they’re now available in a fresh new green shade that works for all the little princes and princesses out there. So, go ahead and give your baby the royal treatment with our popular parenthood essentials!

New Color

Baby Carrier Mini

Baby Carrier Mini in Dark green woven cotton  - BabyBjörn
Baby Carrier Mini Woven Dark Green BabyBjörn

Woven, Dark green

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Your go-to solution for comfort and convenience throughout your little one's first year! During those early months, when your baby craves closeness, you can carry them facing inwards, providing that extra warmth and connection they love. As your baby grows stronger and can hold their head up unaided, you can switch to the facing-out position, allowing them to explore the world with curious eyes.

New Color

Bouncer Bliss

Bouncer Bliss in Dark green, cozy for the baby and easy to transport - BabyBjörn
Bouncer Bliss in Dark green petal quilted cotton  - BabyBjörn

Bouncer Bliss


Woven, Petal quilt, Dark green

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Bouncer Bliss is designed to help your child grow and develop. It seamlessly transitions from a cozy, safe, and ergonomic newborn lounger (no baby insert needed!) to a comfortable bouncer and transforms into a functional toddler chair with a simple turn of the fabric seat. Offering a secure and cozy space, Bouncer Bliss empowers independent play, bolstering muscle strength and enhancing coordination skills.