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What ergonomics means to us

Ergonomics is about designing products used by humans to be as safe and comfortable as possible to prevent ill health. For us, this means taking a holistic approach to the growing infant’s entire body when we develop our baby carriers. The safety and care of very young children are at the heart and soul of our company. That’s why ergonomics forms an integral part of the product development process for our baby carriers.

The concept of ‘ergonomic baby carriers’ is frequently used when talking about carriers which hold the baby’s legs in the M-position, i.e. with their knees slightly higher than their hips. However, the M-position is only one of a number of different ways to carry. There are several other carrying positions that are just as good, and baby carriers in other designs which are also ergonomic.

But for BabyBjörn, ergonomics is about more than the baby’s leg position. It seems obvious to us to consider the baby’s entire body and development when talking about ergonomics and ergonomic baby carriers.

If you’d like to read more about how our baby carriers have been developed in collaboration with doctors and medical experts, you can do so here.